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Thanks to the SKYSCAPE project, the four partners have carried out several activities in order to raise public awareness on light pollution in their respective territories. To this regard, the project partner Tiroler Umweltanwaltschaft, in collaboration with Helle Not, has created a series of comics called "Bothersome Brightness: At Night Beyond the Front Door" that explains how light pollution adversely affects several animal species, endangering and putting them at risk (see Annex).
Starting from these comics, the Municipality of Asiago has created a small temporary exhibition, which can be requested on loan by writing to info@museonaturalisticoasiago.it.
Thanks to the project the Municipality of Asiago was also able to organize the Asiago Astronomy Festival, which at its first edition called Dark Skies addressed the topics of the dark sky and light pollution.

At the same time, the cooperation between project partners and local stakeholders has been strengthened thanks to the involvement of both public and private bodies in the fields of astronomy, environmental protection and tourism. Local operators have been involved in information and training activities for the development of a tourist product linked to the observation of the sky. During this process, the work coordinated by the Municipality of Cornedo all’Isarco, which consists in a business model for future destinations of astro-tourism, has found application (see Annex).

Finally, all four project partners have carried out infrastructural works for the creation of thematic paths, as well as areas equipped for the observation of the sky (see Annex).

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