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Cornedo all'Isarco

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First astrovillage in Europe. Collepietra & S. Valentino in Val d’Ega.
Cornedo all'Isarco

The first Astrovillage in Europe was inaugurated in Val d’Ega in 2012: since that moment, the Municipality of Cornedo all’Isarco accompanies visitors to an adventurous journey into the Universe. In San Valentino in Campo you can visit the Alto Adige Planetarium, the Astronomical Observatory, the Solar Observatory and travel along the Path of the Planets. In this way, the sky approaches the Earth and people will be closer to the sky.

In Collepietra instead, a stay in the specialised accommodation turns everything into a magical experience. Telescopes are at guests’ disposal in every hotel room, as well as reproductions of constellations, windows on the sky and even a space shuttle. Furthermore, the astronomical offer of the Astrovillage is enriched with interesting events during the year. At the astrovillage, those who are keen on astronomy and those who are fascinated by the Cosmos will undertake an authentic journey into the sky.




Photo credits: Alfred Tschager, Othmar Seehauser

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