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A boundless glimpse at the starry sky of Austria.

“In the name of nature and our quality of life” is the motto of the Tyrolean Environmental Defense, a body of the Tyrol Region which has been defining the key points for over twenty years for the implementation of measures to protect the environment, as well as for the development of future strategies to safeguard nature and the ecosystem.

With the help of good-practice projects and events, it demonstrates how environmental protection and careful use of natural resources can generate meaningful experiences and have positive economic effects at the same time. “Plight with Light” is an initiative to raise awareness on light pollution aimed at informing the population about the negative effects of poor use of lighting while providing a model for their reduction. The Skyscape project now allows the implementation of the contents of this campaign, in order to promote measures to reduce light pollution in collaboration with Tyrolean Municipalities and companies. In the Kaunertal Valley, opportunities to experience and keep intact the dark night are organized in cooperation with the Municipality, the Tourism Association, the Kaunergrat Nature Park, local businesses and committed citizens. A careful use of light, an undisturbed view of the starry sky and the preservation of darkness as a natural and cultural heritage are the goals.



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